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Hacker Indonesia Yang Paling Ditakuti Di Dunia Saat Ini


Ternyata Hacker Indonesia Yang Paling Ditakuti Di Dunia Saat Ini - Terkait dengan pemberitaan masalah diretasnya situs dan ditangkapnya Wildan sampai "marahnya: Anonymous Indonesia, saat ini isu hacker menjadi perbincangan publik. Namun tahukah anda bahwa ternyata hacker yang paling ditakuti di dunia saat ini adalah Hacker Indonesia? Siapakah mereka? Berikut kutipannya yang bersumber dari forum kaskus :

Jadi begini gan, sejak tahun 2004 sebenernya kita di Indonesia yg kita
cinta ini punya hacker yang paling di takutin di dunia karena merekalah
yang 2 orang hacker sejak 2006 sampai 2011 yang dapat melakukan hack
pada satelite di seluruh dunia, seperti VSAT dan Satelit Comercial TV
Malaysia, yang artinya kalau cuma hacker2 biasa seperti Pembobolan kartu
kredit, defece website sudah sangat kecil di mata mereka, wah mendingan
cekidot gan present mereka dalam hacker forum intl, ane jamin ente
terbelalak, dan mereka adalah Jim Geovedi & Raditya Iryandi yang ternyata mereka lebih kita kenal pencipta lagu2nya cherrybell & BEXXA dan DJ ...aduhhh..gann...chibi2
deh kita, dan berbanggalah kita sebagai org indonesia, ternyata org
kitalah yang bisa kendalikan satelit seluruh dunia, biarin negara lain
yg terbang

Jim Geovedi

Jim Geovedi (born 28 June 1979), is a renowned IT security expert from
Indonesia, who focuses on the discovery of computer and network security
vulnerabilities with a special focus on telecommunication and satellite
systems. BBC News described him as a guy who "doesn't look like a Bond
villain... but possesses secrets that some of them might kill for".[1]

co-founded and ran IT security consulting companies, Bellua Asia
Pacific in 2004, later transformed into Xynexis International in 2010,
and founded a managed security services company, Noosc Global in the
same year. In 2001, he co-founded C2PRO Consulting, providing general IT
consulting mostly for government agencies.

He is currently based
in London and has been interviewed on issues including: satellite
security system,[1][2][3] banking security[4] and including law

He holds no university degree. From
1998-1999, after graduating high school, he found himself living on the
street without steady work. Media often use him as an example for people
can become famous in IT industry by relying on their brains, even
without holding college degrees.[7][8]

Raditya Iryandi

with the name of Raditya Iryandi, He has been a technology junkie since
he was a teenager. His major business are about Digital Arts and
Technologies. He playing around with Information Security Auditor and
handling several big Telcos and Banks in Indonesia. He was the
speaker of the International Information Security Conference such as:
Bellua Cyber Security Jakarta, Hack In The Box Malaysia and Power of
Community South Korea with his Satelite and Mobile Phone Hacking topics.

other side, he builds his own trilogy kingdoms: Creative House,
Production House and Software House, but before it, he also stumbled his
fingers into his Ibanez guitar and that was where his state of music
directly built.

He found himself as J. NO while scratching his
Macbook Pro for almost 14 hours a day. In the day he is a technology
freak, but in the night he's a king of thirsty dance crowd when he mixes
Heavy Metal and Dirty House in the same set. His love for music started
a long way back at a early age were his inspiration sound was from
Dream Theater, which made J. NO think forward than just a interest by
working hard day or night perfecting his sound and skills behind the
mixing desk to become were his today as a finest class DJ. Heavily
inspired by progressive rock musician like Kevin Moore and John
Pettruci, his writing took on a more literate and evocative quality.
Around the same time, he began to expand his musical boundaries, adding
more chord progression and dynamic tone influences to his remix.

ini present hacker mereka yg bikin deg2an bacanya, klik disini gan

ini video mereka gan sedang present di forum hacker sedunia :

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